October 30th, 2009

Hannibal (Skull)

Halloween Post

OMGWTF?!!! LIVEJOURNAL DIDN'T AUTO SAVE MY ENTRY? FAK. *takes a deep breath* Ok, here I go again...

ANYWAYS. I had this urge to watch Dracula for some reason, (Halloween yes?) and hence I went looking for it and lucky for me I found it at Borders for only 10 bucks! came home, watched it and forgot how pretty, raunchy and bloody it was. It fucks with the original novel with the whole Dracula/Mina thing, but hell, who cares? its a hot ship. Also, just a bit of Sleepy Hollow, my favorite horror movie, that isn't even that scary. This too, also fucks with the original novel.

The most scary part of this post? Taylor-come-fuck-me-Lautner going all vamp on us in a photoshoot, looking good while doing it as well. *howls* ON TO THE ICONS!

11 Sleep Hollow
20 Dracula (1992)
13 Taylor Lautner (+ Kristen Stewart)
07 Lady Gaga
29 New Moon
+ 01 PSD. Set.

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